About the project

Art History Fashion

Who are you?

Hi, I’m Betty Quinn. I have a mild preoccupation with art history.

Is this your job?

I’m flattered that some people think I get paid to do this, but no, this is just a side project.

Wait, why do you do this?

Art is how I’ve always made connections in the world. I usually catch myself thinking, “Hey, that reminds me of a (insert art piece, movement, symbol).” The fashion world in particular is rife with allusions to art history. I started documenting those connections as a visual exercise and this side project was born.

So why the blog?

I want to share some of my thought process while making these matches, especially the matches that aren’t literal homages. There are a few matches that I get weirdly giddy over and need to tell someone about. Sometimes that includes taking a broader historical view at the visual language, sometimes it’s pointing out specific parallels, or explaining symbolism. Overall, I hope that people get a better understanding of how the history of art has subtly (or not) influenced fashion and potentially learn more on how to “read” art.

When do you have time to do this?

90% of the project is done while I’m waiting for the subway, bored and documenting lingering thoughts. Occasionally those ideas have to do with my Instagram page so I write those down and they end up here.

So what you actually mean is, you spend your free time endlessly scrolling through art and fashion feeds on your phone?


Do you work in the art history world?

No, I’m a product designer in the tech industry. In terms of my art history background, I majored in art history in undergrad and my Masters focus was on the intersection between art history and technology. I’m passionate about experimenting with technology to make art history more accessible. Occasionally you might see musings here about art + tech.

Who are some of your favorite artists?

:D :D Louise Bourgeois, Pipilotti Rist, Max Ernst, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner, Ai Weiwei, Joan Miro, and Jean Michel Basquiat.

Who are some of your favorite fashion designers?

Erdem, Rodarte, Edda Gimnes, Maison Margiela, Guo Pei, and Alexander McQueen, to name a few.